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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Our  service  professionals  will  clean  your  air  ducts,  reducing  the  amount  of  dust  and  pollen  in your home or office while helping keep your energy costs down.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having your dryer vent cleaned and checked annually will not only keep your clothes dryer, but reduce the risk of fire to your home or office.

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Since 2009, Chicagoland  Air Duct has been providing cleaner and  safer home/office air quality to  the  people  of  Chicago  and  the  surrounding  area.  Our  experienced  service  technicians  have worked  with  all  types  of  air  duct  systems  within  residences,  including  houses,  apartments,  and businesses.  Our  goal  is  to  provide  our  customers  with  the  healthiest  air  with  no  hassle.  We understand  how  busy  our  customers’  lives  are  and  will  work  to  ensure  that  all  work  is  done conveniently and efficiently.


All  of  the  service  technicians  at  Chicagoland  Air  Duct  have  been  trained  and  are  qualified  to work  with  air duct cleaning and repair.  Beyond onsite training, our technicians receive training on  new  equipment  and  techniques,  ensuring  that  our  service  is up-to-date  and  only  the  highest level  of  service  available.  As  air  duct  technology  changes,  our  technicians  keep  up  with  the newest trends in duct cleaning and maintenance.


Chicagoland  Air  Duct’s  positive  reputation  in  the  Chicago  area  has  been  built  off  of  our exquisite service, well-trained service technicians, and our high  level quality of work.  We are known for  our  focus  on  customer  satisfaction  and  ensuring  that  all  of  our  work  is  done  at  the  highest level, ensuring that your business or home’s air ducts are safe and working properly.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured:

Any time  you  hire  a duct cleaning  service  company,  you  need  to  be  assured  that  you  are  in  the  hands  of  true working  professionals.  Going  with  a  company  that  is  not  licensed,  bonded,  and  insured  could cause  you  more  complications  down  the  road.  It  is  even  worse  if  something  goes  wrong.  Our technicians are licensed professionals, ensuring your safety and giving you peace of mind.


We like to keep our prices competitive, giving our customers the highest level of service quality without  breaking  the  bank.  Call  our  office  or  fill  out the  online  form  to receive  a  free  estimate and get a breakdown of our service costs.  Our estimates  include  all of our rates with  no hidden fees or extra charges.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • $89
  • Remove All Debris
  • Remove Animal Nesting
  • Remove Fire Hazard


We  stand  by  our  high-level  of  work,  giving  you  a  30  Day  Risk-Free  Guarantee.
Our  Risk-Free Guarantee means:
  • Your air ducts and vents will be thoroughly clean
  • Your air quality will be improved
  • You will be completely satisfied by the results
If you are not completely satisfied with our work, all you need to do is notify us within 30 days of your air duct cleaning and we will re-clean your system from start to finish at no charge. We believe in the quality of our work.


 Tamar S

Excellent job from the entire team prompt. They did an awesome job with our ducts, cleaning them quickly and explaining the process. Almost instantly, our home was cleaner and smelled better. Great job! we’ll see you in a few years!


As Seen on Yelp

Tamar SChicago, IL
Dor Y.

Ben and his helper came to my home to do a complete duct cleaning.  All I can say is Excellent!!! They did an Awesome job. No one tried to sell me anything. Ben explained and showed me everything !!! Very much a gentlemen. I will definitely use them again.


As Seen on Yelp

Dor Y.Skokie, IL
Gabe V.

Daniel did an amazing job, and couldn’t have been nicer. Extremely thorough cleaning, made sure every vent was spotless. I’m sure now it will save us tons of cash on the heating and electric bill. Thanks Daniel!


As Seen on Yelp

Gabe V.Skokie, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Why should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Answer: It  has  been  proven  by  the  EPA  that  indoor  air  can  be  up  to  5  times  more  polluted  than outdoor  air.  Home  and  office  air  filters  usually  only  capture  10%  of  the  pollutants, meaning  90%  of  your  indoor  air  is  still  polluted. The  indoor  pollution  can  contain  dust, pollen,  mold,  and  animal  dander  among  other  things.  As  dust  collects  on  your  furniture and floors, it is also collecting within your air ducts and HVAC system. These pollutants will  build  up  over  time  and  be  recirculated  through  the  air,  creating  an  environment  to grow mold and bacteria.

Question:Can mold grow in an air duct system? What happens if it does?

Answer: Given the right circumstances, mold can grow and reproduce. If it has a stable temperature and a food source, mold can quickly become a problem. The food source for mold is usually the dust and pollutants that come through your air filter. Combined with the moisture and heat from your furnace or HVAC system, mold could have a good place to grow.

Live mold will contain spores which can cause both allergic and asthmatic reactions for anyone breathing the air. Mold commonly affects about 10% of the population, but over time, mold can also create toxins to set off short-term allergic reactions. Exposure to mold in the long-term has been shown to cause a permanent chemical sensitivity to common elements in the environment.

Question:Can a dirty HVAC system increase my energy costs?

Answer: Your  energy  costs  can  increase  depending  on  where  the  buildup  is  and  how  long  it  has been  going  on.  If  the  control  components  of  the  system have  been  contaminated,  the system may have to work harder in order to heat or cool your home or office, running up your energy bill.

Question:What parts of the HVAC system need to be cleaned?

Answer: Within an air system, there are 3 components that must be cleaned: the supply and return grills,  the  interior  of  the  supply  and  return  bents,  and  the  air  handler  within  the  air conditioning  unit  or  the  furnace.  All  of  the  components  have  to  be  cleaned  to  keep  the whole system running. If one component is missed, it will contaminate the two that have been cleaned.

Question:How often do my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Answer: Air ducts usually need to be cleaned once every two years, but could need to be cleaned more often if you have pets or young children in your home.

Question:How is the heating duct system cleaned?

Answer: The cleaning process starts with an inspection to see the state of your system and the type of service you will need. The grills of the vents will be cleaned. Our team will then put a host in to create a high pressure air to push all of  the pollutants out of the duct line.  We will  capture  the  debris  and  contaminates  in  a  vacuum  tank. The  technicians  will  then clean your return air outlet and sanitize and deodorize your whole system.

Question:How long will it take to clean the air ducts?

Answer: Depending  on  the  size  of  your  system,  a  duct  cleaning  can  take  anywhere  from  1  to  3 hours and potentially longer if it has been a long time since they have been cleaned out.

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