Dryer Vent Cleaning

The US Fire Administration has reported that there are over 12,000 home fires started annually from clothes dryers. These can be prevented with a routine dryer vent inspection and cleaning, providing you peace of mind while improving the safety of your home.

Chicagoland Air Duct understands the importance of proper cleaning and maintenance of your dryer vent in order to prevent fire risks. Fires can not only cause extensive damage to your home or business, but can also be dangerous to anyone who is inside of the building in the event of a fire.

How Fires Start

Having your dryer vents cleaned and maintained on an annual basis can dramatically reduce the risk of a fire. If your dryer’s lint trap, dryer vent, as well as the ductwork is not cleaned as well as it should be, the risk of a fire will dramatically increase. Lint can easily be trapped within the ductwork and build up over time, blocking the flow of air from the dryer through the vent. Once there is enough build up, the excessive heat within the clogged areas can create a fire.

Your safety is important to us. We want you to understand what you can do to prevent a home or office fire.

Some ways that cause an increase in fire hazard from your dryer vent include:

  • Poorly installed system with poor airflow
  • Mechanical failure within the dryer itself
  • Improper use of the dryer

How to know there is a Problem

You should give our service professionals a call if you are concerned there could be a problem with your dryer vent. Some signs that there could be an issue include:

  • The flapper on the vent does not open when the dryer is running
  • Clothes removed at the end of a cycle are hotter than they normally are
  • Clothes are taking longer to dry

What Can You Do?

Once you understand how dryer vent fires can start, you can learn how they can be prevented. This includes:

  • Using a dryer connected to a vent system that is up to code
  • Replace any or all plastic or foil vents with semi-rigid or sold metal venting; this ensures proper airflow
  • Use the clothes dryer with the lint filter properly in place
  • Clean the lint filter before and after each use of the dryer
  • Discard and remove any lint that has built up around the drum
  • Ensure that the outdoor vent flap is unobstructed, including being blocked by snow or debris
  • Never overfill your clothes dryer
  • Clothing items that have been in contact with combustible or flammable substances, such as alcohol, paint thinner, diesel, cooking oils, and gasoline should not be placed in the clothes dryer
  • Only run the dryer when you are at home and you are awake
  • Keep the area around the dryer free from anything that could catch fire

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